We recommend our guests NOT TO FOLLOW THE INDICATIONS OF THE NAVIGATOR, which often leads to different and even tortuous roads to travel.
You can follow our directions to easily get to Serragiumenta from the main private road:

IF YOU EXIT THE A2 MOTORWAY at the ALTOMONTE junction, turn left (therefore do not follow the signs for Altomonte). After 300 meters you will have to turn left again (there are many signs indicating both the Serragiumenta Castle and Serragiumenta). Then continue straight for about 5 km until, on the left, you will find the Castle signs. Then turn left, travel 2 km, and you will find the gate of Il Castello on the right.

IF YOU EXIT THE A2 MOTORWAY at the SIBARI – FIRMO junction, follow signs for Firmo and, after 100 metres, at the first roundabout follow signs for Altomonte (second exit) then at the next roundabout always follow signs for Altomonte (first exit on the right). After about 800 meters on the right there will be signs for Il Castello di Serragiumenta. Turn right to travel 2 km and find the gate of Il Castello on the right.

For any information or need, contact us immediately.

+39 0981 1906901 Serragiumenta

+39 347 3559637 Castello di Serragiumenta

+39 344 2090809 Security

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