“”Our land is what has always been born of, and still today, everything is born”

Agriculture is central, in Serragiumenta. The company now produces extra virgin organic olive oil, red and white wine with a prevalence of typical Calabrian vines; breeds sheep and the prized black pig, for first quality cheeses and meats. And again, fruit trees and preserves, also based on prickly pears, thanks to dozens of plants that line the long driveway to the Castle, a natural setting of great impact and beauty. A complete company that loves to live and get to know even with educational farms for groups and schools, and that with photovoltaic plants is aiming for clean and renewable energy.


Grown on 55 hectares of land, from the 7,000 secular and non-irrigated olive trees of Serragiumenta a precious oil is born. Organic, because it is in this mode that the company believes from the depths, and of high quality, because the oil is central on our tables, in the daily kitchen, as in the most sought after recipes. Two types, Castello and Maria Antonietta, and a Dop variety, produced by three cultivars, the Tondina, native and therefore typical of the hills of Altomonte, the Nocellara messinese and the Leccino. Today Serragiumenta oil is a product of excellence, also thanks to an updated harvest and the milling carried out within 12 maximum 24 hours of harvest, and also rewarded in 2017 and 2019 among the best fruity Evo oils of the province of Cosenza.


The history of wine, in Serragiumenta, begins in 2004, when it began to cultivate native vineyards. After years of studies, trials in barriques and in the cellar, the company manages to have a line of its own wines, obtained with vines that reflect the variety of the territory, and tell it. A constantly evolving path, born from the passion for wine, and which continues with the support of an Etna winemaker and producer, who shares with the company and the owners a strong love for their land and the choice to travel along roads according to nature and tradition. Today the small quantity produced is vinified on the farm, according to the harvest phases of the past, but with the best technologies. And in the future, thanks to a new winery currently being designed, over one hundred thousand bottles will be produced in three years.


The black pig, a fine variety typical of Calabria, has been managed in the company since 2016, according to a strictly zero-kilometer policy. The animals are raised in the semi-wild state by the staff that follows them with dedication, using the old shelters where they return in the evening after having grazed free in the woods, by day. An open-cycle growth, to have the best quality of the meat and to guarantee maximum animal welfare. The strains raised are all certified.


Thanks to a small herd of goats and sheep and the experience of a shepherd who has lived in these lands for half a century, Serragiumenta produces gourmet pecorino and ricotta, of the highest quality and freshness. For the lucky ones, it can happen to witness the manual milking of the animals and the processing of the cheese.


Vegetables and lots of fruit, gifts of the earth, not always the same for the choice of nature, from which the tasty preserves of Serragiumenta are born: tomato sauce, aubergines in oil, courgettes in vinegar, traditional gardener, special jams. And for enthusiasts, manual collection and a special box to take away, strictly with zero kilometers.


For some years, Serragiumenta has been offering children and young people from schools who want to experience the special experience of a day on the farm. The young guests visit the farms and the vegetable garden, they watch the cheese making, they can do a little ride on horseback, after having seen and studied them very closely. Finally, visit the halls of the Castle for a dip back in time, in the ancient history of Serragiumenta.

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